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Excavated Cartidges from Civil War Campsites and Battlesites
Rare Warner Version Cavalry .50 Caliber Carbine Cartridge From Wilson's Cavalry
Item #: v5120
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This is a rare original cartridge for the .50 caliber Civil War Warner carbine. It looks like a shrunk down Spencer cartridge. Most of the time when you see one of these cartridges they have been put back together for display purposes. That is not the case with this one. It is still joined together as it was when it left the factory. It was found in the Camp of General Wilson's Cavalry in Gravelly Springs, Alabama. There was a Wisconsin regiment that was armed with some of these guns. There was only 1,501 of these guns produced so don't miss this cartridge. We pictured it beside a regular Spencer to show the difference. The price does not include the Spencer.

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