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Excavated Indian War Smoothside Canteen with Spout Intact
Item #: v6163
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This is a cool excavated piece. Here is an original smooth side style canteen that is in excavated condition. What is neat is that this is the version that was used during the Indian Wars. On first look they look very similar to the Civil War canteens except for the loops on the side. After the Civil War they added the loops on each side to replace the original three square loops so they could use the more modern style strap. This one has both of the strap loops intact as well as the original pewter spout at the top. As you can see the canteen has rested through in places and has been squashed. But it isn't often that you see one of these in any type of excavated condition. It has been cleaned and coated for display and preservation.

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
$59.00 USD

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