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World War 2 "Short Snorter" With Autograph of Comedian Joe. E. Brown
Item #: v7224
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Here is a very cool piece from the 2nd World War. This is what is known to collectors as a "Short Snorter". These pieces were a tradition that were reportedly started in the 1920s in Alaska. Persons would sign a piece of currency and the person that The note would have to show it upon request. If they cut in they were required by gentlemen's oath to give the signer a drink of alcohol. This one is signed on a 10 shillings note from the Commonwealth of Australia. The note itself is beautifully printed. On the back of the note it has several signatures with the largest and clearest being that of Joe E. Brown. Brown was not only an amazing comedian in his day that was a pioneer in assisting to entertain the troops. Before the USO was organized, Brown used his celebrity and his own money to visit the troops. He entertain soldiers in the Pacific and as a thank you for his work he was one of only 2 civilians to be awarded the Bronze Star during World War II. After the war he continued to entertain even being a New York Yankees broadcaster. The autograph is accompanied by a modern Xerox photograph of Brown. The note comes in an acid free holder for display and preservation purposes.

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