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Extremely Rare "Baby" 66th Illinois Sharpshooter .31 Caliber Bullet
Item #: v7552
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This is one of the toughest to find bullets of the Civil War. The 66th Illinois sharpshooters used this pattern. Horace Dimick of St. Louis supplied their rifles. The guns he supplied were of many different calibers so he made matching molds to make the guns appear more uniform. Thanks to these molds we have one of the largest varieties of one bullet styles you can collect. This one is in nice shape and is about .31 caliber and is .63 inches in length. It has the deep cavity with the very small teat in the center. This is one of the toughest to find of all of the sizes of these bullets. When I collected this pattern of bullet, this size was the toughest of the ones to find. This one was found years ago in the camp of the 66th Illinois while they were stationed in Corinth, Mississippi at Camp Davies. The last picture shows this "baby" bullet beside a standard size one for comparison. Don't miss you opportunity to own this rarity.

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