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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Neat TRIPLE Cavity Brass Bullet Mold For Different Size Bullets
Item #: v9853
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This is a fine Civil War era brass bullet mold. This one is in fine condition and would even cast a bullet today. It casts a single round ball or has two sizes of conical bullet. Bullet molds of this pattern were used for making bullets for the "Picket" or "Country" rifles that are often referred to as "Kentucky" rifles. Some of them were used by the soldiers that brought their own gun from home to serve in the war and some were simply for hunting. You do find these smooth sides bullets in Civil War campsites so some of them ere used in service. The mold cast the round ball bullets that would be approximately .43 in caliber. The one rounded edge bullet is the pattern referred to by collectors as age Sugarloaf and measures .3 in caliber. The one cavity that makes the standard picket style bullet measures .3 in caliber as well. One thing that is neat about this one is that the openings for the cavities are on opposite sides of the mold. The bullet mold measures 7-3/8ths inches in overall length. This is a fine piece of Civil War firearms history.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
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