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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Rare Nevada City California Maker Marked .38 Caliber Bullet Mold
Item #: L131
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Here is a very interesting Civil War era bullet mold. This is the style that is referred to as the picket style bullet mold. It casts a single bullet with smooth signs and a flat base. The bullet it casts is approximately .38 in caliber size. The mold has the scissors style action for trimming the base off of the bullet. One of the legs has the maker Mark of the gunsmith "D.M VARNEY". In Frank Sellers book, American Gunsmiths, he states that David Varney was located in Burlington, Vermont from 1842 until 1875. He does make a notation that for at least one year, he was in Nevada City, California and that year was 1861. The mold itself measures approximately 5 1/2 inches in overall length. Most of the time these bullet molds are completely unmarked but this one is well marked and is from an interesting maker.

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