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Original Civil War Era Carte-de-Visite Images of Union Generals
Fine Cabinet Card Image of Union General George B. McClellan
Item #: L1176
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This is a great looking original post Civil War era cabinet card image of Union General George B. McClellan. The face of the card is an image of the General in his fine suit of clothes. This is a great image of the General later in life. The bottom and back of the card is marked by the printed Boston firm of Conly. These cabinet card images were made by applying a thin paper photo image of the famous person of the day to a heavier paper card. This made the image more durable and easier to display and also added uniformity to the size. The overall size of a CDV image is approximately 3-1/4th inches by 6-1/2 inches in size. This is a great looking image of one of the most popular Union Generals in American history.

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