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Authentic Military and Official United States Government Documents
Cannon Carriage Wood Letter From Brigadier General Richard Delafield
Item #: L1750
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This is a wonderful original Civil War letter written by union Brigadier General Richard Delafield. Delafield was born in New York City on September 1, 1798. He Graduated West Point Military Academy with the class of 1818. During his 52 year military career he was promoted all the way from 2nd Lieut. to brevet Major-General. During that service he was the superintendent at West Point for 12 years and also served as Chief of the Engineers for the U.S. Army. Even though he was 63 years old at the outbreak of the Civil War he volunteered and strengthened defenses near New York harbor. On May 19, 1864 he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general. He died in Washington, DC on November 5, 1873. He also patented a pre-rifled cannon shell late in the Civil War which bore his name. This letter was written from New York on October 24, 1861. He is writing to Colonel A. H. Bowman of West Point, New York. he is forwarding information received by John Stephenson who he notes was in charge of manufacturing artillery carriages for the state of New York. They are discussing the seasoning of lumber by artificial means to be used for the construction of artillery carriages it discusses the weight loss during the curing process of an axle bed for a gun carriage and also spokes for wheels. General Delafield states at the bottom of the letter "The above may prove of some interest to you hereafter and worth putting away in some corner of your notebook." It is beautifully signed by General Delafield at the bottom of the letter. The letter measures 7-7/8ths inches wide and is 9-7/8ths inches tall. The letter is accompanied by a modern Xerox copy image of General Delafield in uniform. This is an impressive letter in fine condition.

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