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Authentic Original Rifle & Musket Bayonets of .58 Caliber
Edged Weapons
Authentic Scabbard for a Civil War .58 Caliber Rifle Bayonet
Item #: L1812
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Here is an original leather and brass scabbard for a Civil War rifle bayonet. This is the classic style that was used by the regular fighting men of the Civil War. It will correctly fit the standard .58 caliber rifle socket bayonet for the U.S. Model 1855,1861 or 1863 Springfield or Contract rifles if your bayonet is missing the scabbard. The leather of the scabbard body is still in nice solid shape but is only 12-1/2 inches in overall size. The brass tip and finial are missing in action and it is priced accordingly. At the top of the scabbard it has the original belt loop intact. This is the version that is made using the eight rivet construction. This is a good buy on the majority of a bayonet scabbard for your bayonet.

Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
$75.00 USD

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