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Berdan Sharpshooter Discharge Documents for Daniel Rogers of the 1st U.S.S.S.
Item #: L3009
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Here is a very cool pair of documents regarding a member of the famous 1std Regiment of United States Sharpshooter that were better known as Berdan's sharpshooters. The top document is the certificate that was given to the volunteer when they discharge to allow them to receive their pay. This one is for Daniel Rogers who served in Company G of the 1st Regiment of United States Sharpshooters. The record states that he held the rank of private and 23 years old when he enlisted. It states that he was being discharged and dated April 10th 1862. Accompanying the discharge document is another piece of paper regarding Roger's service. This is the page that states how much money that he was due. When he mustered out the government owed him $45.31. The documents have separations along the folds that are mentioned for exactness. The 2 pieces were glued together eons ago and that is mentioned for exactness. A brief printout of his service history will accompany the document at no additional charge.

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