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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Selma, Alabama Confederate Mountain Rifle 2.25 "Baby" Mullane Shell
Item #: L3662
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Here is a very scarce original Confederate cannon projectile. This is the pattern that is illustrated and described on page 198 of the 1993 edition artillery book by Dickey and George. This is the Confederate made projectile that was designed to go in a Confederate produced "Mountain rifled" cannon. The small portable guns were lightweight so they could be carried easily. They had a smaller bore and smaller overall size than other artillery guns of the day. The bore of the cannon measured 2.25 inches across. Since the shells are a good bit smaller than the standard ones they are referred to as a "baby" Mullane cannon shell. In the book they list these as a rarity of 8 which is scarce. This one is in very nice excavated condition and has been thoroughly cleaned for preservation and display. It has some old pits as you can see and it is priced accordingly. The fuse hole is open at the top as you can see but it would have had the Confederate wooden fuse holder at one time. At the base of the shell it has the classic Mullane copper disc. These copper discs were joined to the bottom of the shell and they have the 3 iron pins that were designed to hold the Sabbath in place during flight. The bolt itself is gone. This is one of the ones that were found years ago in the Selma, Alabama area and it is so marked on the side. This is one that every artillery collection needs to have.

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