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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Richmond, Virginia Excavated 10# Parrott Shell With Full Iron Sabot
Item #: L3869
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This is a nice excavated version of one of the most important artillery projectiles of the Civil War. It is the 3 inch shell for the Parrott patent rifle cannon. This one is the version that has the iron sabot at the base of the shell. This was designed to take the rifling of the cannon barrel and make the shell fly more accurately. This one has the entire iron sabot present and you can still see the lands and grooves. At the top of the shell it has a nice amount of the original zinc Parrott style percussion fuse intact. You don’t encounter as many of these percussion fuzes shells compared to the usual paper fused versions. This shell has been drilled out and has had the powder removed to make it safe for display. All of our artillery shells have been disarmed this was to make the safe for your collection. The verbal history that accompanied this shell is that it was recovered years ago in the area near Richmond, Virginia.


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