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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Scarce Original "US" Marked Mississippi Rifle Bullet Mold
Item #: L3963
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This is a tough to find version of US military bullet mold. This is the pattern that was designed to accompany the US model 1841 "Mississippi" military rifle. They received their Mississippi nickname because during the Mexican war, there was an outfit led by Jefferson Davis from Mississippi that use them valiantly during the war. The mold casts a single bullet of .54 caliber and is designed with the clipping pinchers on the end for trimming off the excess lead once the bullet is cast. One of the legs has the clear "US" stamping still very legible. The mold measures 7 1/4 inches in overall length and is in wonderful untouched attic patina condition. This will be a superb addition to display beside your US model 1841, Mississippi military rifle.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
$495.00 USD

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