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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Great Displaying 1/2 Section of a 10# Parrott Shell
Item #: L4371
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This is a great display piece to show your friends! It is an original one half of a Parrott pattern cannon shell this is the classic style cannon shell that was a mainstay for the union artillery during the Civil War. These iron projectiles were one of the most heavily used artillery rounds of the war. This one has the iron sabot intact on the base. On the outside you can see the remnants of the rifling from the cannon barrel. When you look at the slice you can see how the sabot was cast into the body of the shell. You can also see on the left hand side where there was a casting flaw in the iron. At the top of the shell it has the opening that at one time would have held the Zinc Parrott style cannon shell fuse holder. This would have held the paper style time fuse that would have burned down like a wick to cause it to explode. As you can see this is the version of shell that have the open chamber. This is known to collectors as a "common shell". They get this name not because they are frequently encountered but because it was constructed without anything on the inside as opposed to the case shot which had shrapnel in the inside as well. It has been nicely cleaned and coated for display in preservation and as you can see it makes a wonderful display.

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
$175.00 USD

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