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Uniform Buttons of Other U.S. Branches in Non-Excavated Condition

Superb Non-Dug Civil War Dragoon Eagle "D" Uniform Button by Steele & Johnson
Item #: L4730
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Here is an excellent original non-excavated cuff size Civil War era Dragoon button. The dragoon branch of service was a group of mounted soldiers that were a very well equipped force that was designed to strike fast and hard like shock force troopers.The face of the button has the spread-wing eagle with the "D” shield on its chest. This denotes the dragoon branch of service. The face of the button has excellent detail remaining and superb gold. The original back and shank are intact. It has the correct Civil War "STEELE * JHOHNSON *" maker’s mark on the back. This is a great looking Civil War cuff size uniform button. You will have a very hard time every finding a better one than this.

Shipping Weight: 0.3 lb
$68.00 USD

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