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Non-Excavated Civil War Era Buttons From States of the Union That Start With A-M
Beautiful Non-Excavated Cuff Size Civil War Connecticut State Seal by Scovill
Item #: L4880
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This is a great displaying non-dug cuff size Civil War button for the state of Connecticut. The seal is beautiful on the front with some of the gold gilding still present down in the recesses. The state seal of Connecticut shows the grape vines on an elliptical field and has the Latin motto "Qui Transtulit Sustinet”. This translates to English as "He who transplanted continues to sustain.” The grapevines symbolize the community of Puritan believers transported from the old world and planted in the fertile ground of America. The original back and shank are intact on the back. It has the "SCOVILLS & Co. Extra” backmark. This is the style listed as CT13av in Albert’s button book and as CT205as10 in Tice’s button book. This one is fine looking Civil War Connecticut button!

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$38.00 USD

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