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Non-Excavated Civil War Era Union Buttons From Massachusetts
Large Letter Extra Quality Civil War Massachusetts State Seal MS210f5
Item #: L4928
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This is a very attractive non-excavated coat size Civil War uniform button for the state of Massachusetts. It has the famous arm and sword design of Massachusetts on the face of the button. There is still a fine amount of the original gold gilding remaining on the face of the button. This one has the original back and shank intact with the correct Civil War backmark of the large letter "*EXTRA*QUALITY" with the roped borders. The button still has an excellent amount of the original gold wash still present. This is the pattern listed as MS 35 in Albert's button book and MS210f5 in Tice's button book. This is a fine non-excavated Civil War Massachusetts Coat Button at a very fine price.

Shipping Weight: 0.3 lb
$38.00 USD

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