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Cavalry & Horse Equipment - Spurs & Stirrups
Misc. Non-Excavated
Matching Pair of Civil War Era Swiveling Pattern Saddle Stirrups
Item #: L4931
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Here's a great pair of saddle stirrups from the 1800s. This is one of the coolest designs, you will encounter in saddle stirrups. The base is constructed like a standard saddle stirrup, but what separates them is that they have a hinge added so they can turn freely. The strap loop at the top is also free to rotate. This is important because without having the standard hood design, it allows your foot to come out of the stirrup should you fall out of the saddle. If your foot was locked into the stirrup, you ran the risk of being drug to death. Each of the stirrups are constructed of iron and have a wonderful ancient barn like surface all over. They are a matching set and display superbly together. You get both of the stirrups for $145.

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
$145.00 USD

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