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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Excellent Pack of 8 Second 1863 Frankford Arsenal Cannon Shell Fuze Pack
Item #: L5338
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This is an excellent original complete pack of Civil War cannon shell fuzes. This pack contains all 5 of the original paper fuzes that would have been inserted into the cannon shells to burn down like a candle wick and explode at the right time. These are the 8 Second timed version and is nicely marked on the outside of the yellow tone paper wrapper. These are the field size time fuzes. It also has the 1863 production date and mark from the "FRANKFORD ARSENAL”. If you notice below this information it tells the artillery man the directions for getting the fuzes out of the pack. The pieces measures 3 inches by 2-1/8th inches by 3-/4ths inches in overall size. This will make a great addition to any artillery collection.

Shipping Weight: 0.6 lb
$95.00 USD

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