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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Excellent Watervliet Arsenal Marked Gimlet Punch for a 8 Inch Civil War Mortar
Item #: L5591
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Here is an excellent original gimlet for the Civil War siege size cannon or Mortar. This long wire was used to clean out the vent hole of a Civil War mortar or cannon. This one has had the threads removed form the bottom so it would be used as a punch to clean out the fuze hole. It is 17 inches long in overall length. At the circular end of the piece where it would have been held it is marked "WATERVLIET U.S.” from the arsenal. It also has the "8” marking which probably stands for a 8 inch Mortar. This piece is in excellent non-excavated condition. It was part of the massive collection from Bannerman of New York. Bannerman bought up much of the Government surplus after the Civil War. He and his family sold the pieces for almost a century afterwards. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have many of the original artifacts we enjoy today.

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