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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Fine Original Civil War Cannon Lanyard 100% Complete!
Item #: L5616
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This is a great piece of Civil War artillery. it is an original cannon lanyard. This is the piece that was used to make the cannon fire. After the cannon was loaded and the friction primer was inserted into the touch hole on the cannon, they would hook the friction primer loop onto the iron hook on the end of the rope. The rope is long enough to let the cannoneer pull it to fire the cannon from a short distance so he could get out of the way of the cannon recoil. This one has the original iron hook intact and as you can see the rope is still complete and in very good condition. You can tell that this one was used and is not just a surplus piece. The wooden handle is also excellent and displays superbly from all angles. What a great artillery artifact for your relic room.

Shipping Weight: 0.8 lb
$395.00 USD

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