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Authentic Newspapers Printed During the Civil War Era
Civil War Documents
March 27th 1860 Dated San Francisco California Newspaper With Seward Slavery Speech
Item #: A308
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It isn't often that you see Civil War era newspapers from the state of California. The state wasn't heavily populated so there weren't a lot of people to sell the papers to in the first place. Those that were printed didn't have a high survival rate. This is an original and the fragile paper has some tears and chips around the edges but the print is still very legible and very interesting. This one is dated from March 27th 1860. It has lots of articles including the top story which was a speech delivered by William H. Seward who would go on to be in Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet. His speech is about the admission of Kansas as a state and the effect on the institution of slavery. On the inside of the paper it has several cool advertisements including ones for wagons, houses and sewing machines. This is a nice original Civil War era newspaper from California.

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