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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Excellent Non-Excavated Eureka Pattern Shell With Inspector Initials
Item #: A510
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This is an excellent Civil War patented cannon projectile. This is the version that is illustrated on page #249 of the 1994 book by Melton & Pawl about cannon shells. It is the Eureka Patent shell. They note that this pattern of shell was made by the American Projectile Company in New York. They also state that it was test fired by the Washington Arsenal at least as early as May 17th 1864. This pattern evidently never made it into the field which is why we don’t see excavated specimens. This one is a superb non-excavated shell with the inspector initials "JH" stamped into the metal. These are likely the initials of the inspector Joseph or John Hannis that appears on Civil War swords. He would be the man that approved the shell for military use. This is a wonderful touch to an already great shell. At the base of the shell it has the full brass sabot intact. The sabot on a Eureka shell is a concave disk and a short cylindrical cone that is attached to the base by rivets. This sabot is excellent. This is a fantastic shell with an exceptional look.

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