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Dug Civil War Cartridge Box Plates & Sling Plates
Spotsylvania 1955 Found Civil War Cartridge Box Eagle Breastplate
Item #: A544
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This is a great looking original excavated eagle plate that at one time would have adorned the shoulder sling of a Civil War soldier’s cartridge box. This pattern of plate is known to collectors as the eagle breastplate. It has the bold Union eagle on the brass face of the plate. The eagle has the arrows of war in one of her talons and the other talon has the laurel branches of peace. The back of the plate has almost all of the original lead remaining. Both of the iron loops that would have affixed the plate to the cartridge box shoulder strap are still present after the years in the ground. This one was found at Spotsylvania Court House was the location where there was a fierce battle in May of 1864. The tape label still accompanies the piece on the reverse and it states that it was found "SPOTSYLVANIA 6TH CORPS 1/26/55". This is a very nice displaying eagle breastplate found in the 1955's in Spotsylvania

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