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Non-Excavated Confederate Buttons from the Various States
Beautiful & Scarce Non-Dug NC14 Variation of the North Carolina "Sunburst"
Item #: A750
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This is a tough to find version of this button and this one is gorgeous! It is an original Confederate made button for the state of North Carolina. This is the style referred to by collectors as the "Sunburst” because of the rays coming out from the center of the button. The center has the letters "NC” and it has the original gold gilding in just the right places to make the detail stand out. This is the more ornate version with the better quality of manufacture. This is the pattern listed as NC14 in Albert’s button book and as NC233a1 in Tice’s button book. This one is in beautiful condition all the way around. On the back of the 1-piece button it still has the applied shank which is missing most of the time. You will have a hard time finding a better NC14 than this one.

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$795.00 USD

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