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Authentic Non-Excavated Insignia & Hat Plates From The Civil War & Before
Fine Original Civil War Brass Artillery Cross Cannon Hat Insignia
Item #: A768
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This is an authentic hat insignia for a Civil War artilleryman. The hat insignia is made of stamped brass. It has the shape of two crossed cannon barrels. This was the design of the hat device for the Civil War artilleryman's hat. This pattern is illustrated as figure #282 on page #130 of the headgear book by O'Donnell and Campbell. They are distinctive because they measure 1/2 inch at the muzzle and 5/8ths of an inch at the breech. This fits with the regulations of the 1865 quartermaster manual. They were designed to go on the 1858 Hardee style military hats. This one displays beautifully as you can see. It is in fine non-excavated condition and is nice enough to put back onto a hat if you so desire. All four of the original attachment loops are still on the reverse and it has the lead solder that hold them in place. This is a nice non-excavated piece of Civil War artillery history!

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