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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
1/2 of a Civil War 8 inch Mortar Ball With Tong Holes For Lifting
Item #: A880
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This is a great piece of history! It is 1/2 of an original Civil War mortar shell. This is the large size that was designed for the 8 inch mortar that was a mainstay for the heavy artillery units of the Civil War. This one is cut in half and as you can see it displays to show the interior cavity of the ball as well as the fuse hole. On the top of the ball it has the large hole that the wooden fuse holder would have gone when it was going to be shot. On each side of this fuse hole it has the tong hole. This is where the lifting tongs would have inserted to make loading this heavy ball easier. This is a wonderful addition to an already fantastic Civil War artillery projectile.

Price: $195.00 USD (Sale Pending)

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