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Non-Dug artifacts From The Civil War Era
Misc. Non-Excavated
9th Vermont Infantry Marked Civil War Soldier's Tarred Canvas Knapsack
Item #: A978
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This is a piece that is becoming tough to come across anymore. It is the authentic original of the Civil War soldier’s tarred canvas knapsack. This style was heavily used by the soldiers from the North during the Civil War. This one is much cooler than most of them that you encounter. It still retains the straps coming off of the back and it has the brass and iron buckles and hooks intact as well. On one of the straps you can still read a portion of the inspector’s name of "R. VALENTINE” who inspected for the U.S. Government. The canvas has an attractive appearance with some repairs and has been stuffed on the inside to enhance the overall look. There are some separations to the seams in the canvas that are mentioned for exactness. What makes this one extra special is the painting on the sides of the knapsack. It reads "Co. C. 9. Vt.". When you look up the service history of the 9th Vermont Infantry, it is one of valiant fighting and honors for their effort. They were present at the battles of Harper's Ferry, Newport Barracks, Chapin's Farm, Fair Oaks and the capture of Richmond, Virginia. It isn't often that you see one of these Civil War knapsacks with a solid regimental designation. A brief printed history of the service of this Regiment will accompany the peace at no additional charge. This is a fantastic piece that deserves a place of honor in your relic room.

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