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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Scarce Large Size Wooden Cannonshell Fuse Dated 1864/5
Item #: A1759
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This is a piece that you don’t often see offered anymore. It is the 9.5 inch long wooden fuse for a large mortar ball. The original paper label is present at the top of the fuse. The paper vividly reads "5 SECONDS TO THE INCH” and has the date of "1864" with the last digit of the date crossed out and a "5” added in ink. That lets us know that the fuse was made at the first part of 1865 when they were using the last of the 1864 labels. This one is a nice clearly dated production piece. The sides of the fuse are grooved with lines to make it easier to cut and also to be more precise in cutting. This is a superb piece of Artillery history.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
$235.00 USD

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