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Non-Dug Items Used by Soldiers and on the Homefront
Misc. Non-Excavated
Fine Tin Spout Version of Civil War Soldier's Smoothside Canteen
Item #: A1843
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This is a nice original Civil War soldier’s canteen that is in non-excavated condition. You can just picture the soldier using this one in battle or in his Civil War campsite. This is the style referred to by collectors as the "smoothside” pattern because it is made without the reinforcement rings that were designed on the side of the canteen body. They are officially known as the US model 1858 canteen. These were used by soldiers on both sides. They were manufactured in the North but also you see ones that were made down South for Southern use. It has all three of the original strap loops present on the sides of the canteen. At the top of the canteen it has the original tin spout intact. For years it was believed that these were all Confederate in manufacture but now we know that some were made in St. Louis as well at Cincinnati. It is a neat non-excavated artifact, especially for the price. This is a nice used but not abused canteen.


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