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1864 Dated Confederate $1,000 Savings Bond With Sailor and Ship Image
Item #: A1969
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Here is an authentic 1864 dated Confederate States of America savings bond. This is the style issued under the act of the Confederate Congress that was approved on May 16th 1861 in the $1,000 denomination and amended by the act of Congress on June 13th 1864. It is the style that has image of the sailor who is holding a Confederate 2nd National Flag. He is seated beside the cotton bale that has the sailing ships in the distance. If you notice there are still 19 of the original 20 bond coupons intact at the bottom. When the date arrived that is printed on the bottom of the coupon you could cash it in for your interest payment. It is correctly hand signed and numbered by the Confederate Government officials in fine brown ink. It is signed by Robert Tyler who was a descendant of President Tyler. This is the Confederate bond listed as Type 192 in the bond book. It was lithograph printed by Evans & Cogswell of Charleston, South Carolina and is so marked in the lower part of the top section. This is a very attractive original Confederate states savings bond with a beautiful center design.

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