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Authentic Non-Excavated Insignia & Hat Plates From The Civil War & Before
Misc. Non-Excavated
Beautiful Pair of Pre-Civil War Era Shako Style Hat Insignia With Union Eagle Design
Item #: A2561
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This is an excellent original pair of shako style hat insignia. We just acquired this from an old collection that was amassed from the Bannerman collection of New York. Bannerman was one of the relic moguls that acquired military surplus from the U.S. and foreign governments. These circular disks that at one time were designed to go on the side of a Shako style military hat. They have the beautiful spread wing Union eagle with the upturned wings. In one talon she has the arrows of war and the other talon has the branch of peace. On the back of each one they have the original brass attachment prongs still present. back to the color it presently is. The disks measures a little over 1-5/8ths inches across. As you can see the piece displays beautifully. You get both of them for only $95.00.

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$95.00 USD

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