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Swords Used by the Artillery Branch of Service
Edged Weapons
Attractive Original 1855 Dated Artillery Short Sword by Ames
Item #: A3303
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This is a fine looking original Civil War era short pattern artillery sword. These were patterned after the Roman gladiator swords with the fierce look like you see in the movies. They are officially known to collectors as the U.S. model 1832 short pattern artillery sword. The blade is full-length with the straight line maker’s mark of the Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts on the back of the blade still visible. It has the large straight line stamping with the eagle that is from the later production years when they had left Springfield. These were made by Ames from 1832 until 1862. The front of the blade has the "U S” stamp with the production date of "1855". According to the book they only delivered 1,000 of these swords in 1855. This was one of the smaller contracts. The handle is made of cast brass and has the fish scale design with the droop wing eagle at the top of the pommel. On the side of the crossguard it has the inspector initials of "JH” on one side and "RHKW” on the other side stamped into the brass. These are the inspectors’ initials of Joseph Hannis and Robert H.K. Whitney who inspected the swords for the United States Ordnance Department. If you notice, it has what appears to be a previous owner's inventory number engraved into the crossguard.The sword scabbard is still present. It is the Ames made version that has the leather body and the brass throat and drag. The scabbard has worn look that displays very well with the sword. This is a very nice looking 1855 dated Ames artillery short sword with scabbard.


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