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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
"B. KITTREDGE & CO GUN DEALERS" Civil War 1863 Henry Rifle Cartridge Box
Item #: A3337
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Here is a great looking and scarce piece! It has one of the toughest to find markings that you encounter on these boxes. This is the highly desirable brass cartridge box for the Henry Repeating rifle. On the outer flap of the box it has the standard small size "PATENTED JAN. 27 1863 / REISSUED APL. 14 63” patent stamps. But what makes this one special is that on the top of that it has the large letter size stamping "B. KITTREDGE & CO." with the proud "GUN DEALERS" marking stamped into the brass. These boxes were sold by the Cincinnati, Ohio firm of B. Kittredge. There sold many fine military pieces including these cartridge boxes and guns of all types. The brass of the box has the most beautiful honey color patina you could ever hope for. It has some light wear so you can tell that this one was actually used. On the back of the box it has both of the original strap loops intact as well as the base of the iron spring. The spring is missing but when it was there it would have held the outer flap in place. Since the spring broke, the owner cut a hole in the lid as well as one in the body of the box. This way it could have been tied down to keep the lid from coming open and also to have kept it from rattling. When you consider that a nice Civil War Henry rifle is over $30,000 these days then getting the cartridge box for one for under a thousand is a great deal. This is a treasure!

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
$695.00 USD

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