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Authentic Non-Excavated Insignia & Hat Plates From The Civil War & Before
Misc. Non-Excavated
High Quality Version Set of Non-Dug Civil War Brass Shoulder Scales
Item #: A3610
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What a great original Civil War set of two shoulder scales. This is the pattern of brass pieces that once adorned the shoulders of the soldier's uniform. They were designed to protect the soldier against shoulder strikes from sabers. As you can imagine they made a word of noise when the soldier would run and they were bright and shiny and made a heck of a target. With these things in mind you can understand why most of them were discarded in the early days of the war. That is why you don't often see them in non-excavated condition like these. If you notice, these are the higher quality versions that have the extra bottom section of the "mouse ear" portion. This pattern is much tougher to find than the standard versions. They even retains some of the original gold gilding on the brass in the protected areas. They even have the spring portion present on the underside that is usually missing. You get them both for only $245.00. They have a great look all over and will display well in your relic room.


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