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Non-Excavated Civil War Era Buttons From States of the Union That Start With A-M
RareBath City Grays Coat Size Button From Maine ME10
Item #: A4165
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This is a button that you very seldom encounter. This is the pattern that is listed as ME 10 in Albert's button book and as ME270a2 in Tice's button book. It is the coat size uniform button that was designed to be worn by the Bath City Grays from Maine. In Tice's book he states that in 1850, the Citizens of Bath organized the Bath City Grays. Their uniforms had bearskin shakos with gray coats. When the Civil War broke out, they signed up as the 3rd Maine Volunteer Infantry, Company A. They served until June 28th 1864. This button is a gorgeous example. The face of the button has the initials "GRAYS" on a lined background with a Union shield above. On the reverse of the button it has the maker's Mark from the famous R&W Robinson Company. The back is loose but all is present. This is a beautiful button from all angles.

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