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Trumbull County Ohio 1864 Lincoln-Johnson Ballot with Lady Liberty
Item #: A4320
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This is an impressive original 1864 presidential ballot for the campaign of President Abraham Lincoln. This original ballot measures 3-1/8th inches by 7-3/4th inches in size and is one of a cache of ballots discovered in Ohio. What is cool about this one is that it was originally designed to be used in Marion County and is so marked across the top. You can see where they marked "MARION" out and wrote in the county it was actually used in, Trumbull"This county is one of the less frequently encountered counties. The ballot has the likeness of Lady Liberty with the rays and stars behind her. She is holding a sword with "UNION” across the blade. Below Lady Liberty are the names of Lincoln and Johnson. These ballots look wonderful when they are framed up. I even have one framed in my dining room. This is a very fine original 1864 Lincoln Campaign Ballot for the ticket of Lincoln & Johnson. We got a good buy on this one and thought we would pass it along.

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