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Original Military Medals
Authentic German Artifacts From The World War 2 Era
Authentic 1939 Dated Nazi Germany Iron Cross 2nd Class Medallion
Item #: A4567
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Here is an original valor medal from Germany. This is known to collectors as the Iron Cross 2nd Class. It is a Maltese cross made of silver. In the center of the medallion it has the Swastika in the center. It also has the 1939 date during the Second World War. On the back of the medal it has the date of 1813 when the awards were first given. This one has the ribbon loop present at the top and the black, red and white ribbon remains. We offer authentic Japanese, Italian and German artifacts as historical pieces only. They honor the men and women that served in the U.S. and allied forces. We thank them saving the world from dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito.

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