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Authentic German Artifacts From The World War 2 Era
Very Fine Nazi Army Style Flak Badge by Forster & Barth
Item #: A4615
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This is a great looking badge. This is the pattern that was given to army air defense crews. They were awarded for proven participation in several (16 points) successful actions against aerial targets. They are made of a die struck zinc construction, It has the solid back. It has the oak-leaf wreath with a separate, Army style eagle, clutching a swastika in her talons at the top center. The wreath encompasses the cut-out, profile of an 88mm anti-aircraft gun with the gun barrel extending beyond the edge of the wreath. This one has a fine amount of the original silver wash is still remaining. These are completely unmarked but they were manufactured by Forster & Barth. This pattern of badge is illustrated in the great book on Flak Badges by Marc Garlasco. He goes into detail and even shows the flat back design that this one shows. This one was sold in 2011 by Lakeside Trader and is accompanied by their letter of authenticity. They had it listed for $595. You can own it for a fraction of that price.

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