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Authentic Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates From The Civil War
Virginia Style Unmarked Sheet Brass Belt Buckle from the Peninsula Campaign
Item #: A4621
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Here is a neat and still affordable Southern used belt buckle. This is the pattern that is illustrated as Plate 453, on page 245 of the expanded edition of the Confederate Belt Buckle and Plates book by Steve Mullinax. He states that this simple and inexpensive style buckle was issued to many of the Virginia militia units at the beginning of the war. He knows how they were "proved unable to withstand the rigors of field duty and were unsuitable for where a leather belt. Many have been found in 1861 1862 sites." This one shows that the durability of the face but the hooks of the buckle were unable to withstand field use. You can see where the belt loop bar was attached at one time but broke off which is probably why it was discarded. You can also see the solder mark where the time who was attached at one time. There is an old tape label on the back of the plate that states it was found in Virginia int he area of the Peninsula Campaign. This is a great and still affordable buckle that was lost by one of the Confederates.


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