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Original Revolvers From The Colt Firearms Company Priced Over $1,500 Firearms
Authentic Civil War Leather Holster For a .36 Caliber Colt Revolver
Item #: A4753
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Here is a well worn but good looking original Civil War leather holster for a revolver. This is the large size that will fit a large frame .36 caliber Colt revolver. This is the classic style that was used by soldiers during the Civil War. It has the outer flap still present and is original and in well worn shape. The finial is missing as you can see in the images. The bottom of the holster has the pinches end instead of the standard closure plug on the bottom. You often hear these referred to as Confederate but it could be either side. The leather was used so much it has worn through in spots and is priced accordingly. On the back of the holster it has the belt loop still present as you can see. The last few pictures show how nicely a .36 Colt looks inside of the holster. It will make a great display beside your Civil War Colt .36 caliber revolver.

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
$199.00 USD

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