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Fine 1863 C.S. $1,000 Bond with Confederate President Jefferson Davis
Item #: A4778
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Here is a nice authentic 1863 dated Confederate States of America $1,000.00 savings bond. This is the beautiful style that has the Confederate President Jefferson Davis at the left of the top. On the right hand side of the top it has a view of the city of Richmond as viewed from the west. It was lithographed by the famous company Evans & Cogswell of Columbia, South Carolina. This one has 7 of the original coupons attached at the bottom which is the correct amount for the end of the war. When the date on the coupon arrived that is printed on the bottom of the coupon you could cash it in for your interest payment, if the Confederacy would have won. It is hand signed and numbered by the Confederate Government. This is the style listed as CR-125 in the Confederate bond book. Another thing that is cool about this bond is the stamp on the reverse. After the Confederacy fell to the Union and the war was over, there were still thousands of dollars of Confederate bonds in banks and private hands over seas. The bonds still had to be accounted for overseas. This stamp shows that this one was accounted for in Amsterdam in April of 1866. This is a couple of very interesting things to point out to your friends when you who them the bond. This will make a fine display as it is or it will look even better framed up on you office or relic room wall.


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