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Flasks made of Horn, Brass, Copper or other Materials that were designed for holding black powder
Authentic Non-Excavated Pistol Size Patriotic Powder Flask with Eagle Design
Item #: A5187
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Here is a nice looking flask! It is the small size powder flask that you see in the fancy cased sets of pistols including the Colt style revolvers. It has the Union eagle on the side with the shield in front of her. Below her it has the crossed pistols and you can no longer read the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" in the ribbon. It also has the stars stamped into the pewter flask body. It has the same design on each side of the flask. This is the version that is made out of pewter or zinc. You can tell by the light bumps and bruises that this one was actually used instead of sitting in the case on a shelf. It has some small pinholes int he zinc but the seams are still solid. The original spring is present at the top as is the original spout and they are still functional. This is a nice piece that will make a fine addition to any Civil War revolver display. ' ""

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