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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Savage Patent Revolver Bullet Mold Bored out for a .44 Caliber Bullet
Item #: A5317
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This one started out life as an iron bullet mold for a .36 caliber Savage patent revolver. The Savage was a gun that is often referred to as a double action but really it was a self cocking gun. When you pulled back the one trigger it cocked the hammer and turned the cylinder. The other trigger fired the gun. Because of the odd design they made several of the guns but they didn't hold up very well under pressure. This one has been machined out to make a bullet of .44 caliber instead of the .36 size. It opens and closes nicely. It molds a bullet and would still make one today. Don't miss this cool mold.

Shipping Weight: 0.6 lb
$99.00 USD

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