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Authentic Pieces of Confederate and United States Currency & Bonds
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Original Uncut Sheet of 1862 Dated State of Louisiana
Item #: A5343
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What a great piece! This is an original uncut sheet of 1862 dated currency from the State of Louisiana. There are 2 each of the $1, $2 and $3 denominations. They were never cut apart and used. The paper has some deterioration from age but still display quite well overall. They are priced according to the deterioration. In the center of each note they have the beehive in the center. In large black print they have "THE STATE OF LOUISIANA” IN THE CENTER. In the center of the note it has the Baton Rouge location of issuance and just to the right of that is the printed date of February 24th 1862. Just below the Baton Rouge mark it has the beehive design. It has the denomination overprint in green lettering across the front. This was added at the printer help aid in the prevention of counterfeiting the note. What is so wonderful about these notes are the paper they used. At this time it was expensive to use new paper. What the state did on this one is that they used paper that had already been printed on one side. When you turn this one over you see that it was already printed on by a bank in Holly Springs, Mississippi. It was cheaper for the State of Louisiana in 1862 to get paper like this rather than buy new paper so they made the most of what they had to deal with. The notes are all correctly hand signed and numbered in old ink. The note is in circulated condition as you can see in the pictures. The notes are printed on the nice blue paper and the overall size of the sheet measures 8 inches by 12 inches.

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