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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
AMAZING! Battle of Chickamauga War Log with Large Cannonball Fragment
Item #: A5455
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This is one of the most unique pieces we have ever been able to offer. It is an original war log from the battle of Chickamauga. It is 23 inches long and is about 8 inches across the widest spot. This large piece of tree that took a direct hit from a large fragment of cannon shell. You can see where the tree healed itself in the years after the battle. When the tree died the inside of the tree deteriorated. When you look down the inside of the wood you can see the fragment from the inside as well. It isn't often that you can see this and you can see what a large fragment it is. It appears to be a large piece of a 12 Pound cannon shell. There is some of the ancient museum tag that is still partially legible and you can see that the location of Chickamauga. This was one of the very fierce battles in North Georgia just South of Chattanooga. It is a spectacular piece that deserves to be a centerpiece of a relic room.

Shipping Weight: 20 lbs
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