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Original and Reproduction Tool and Worm Implements for Civil War Firearms
Excellent Original .44 Caliber Iron Bullet Mold For a Colt Army Model Revolver
Item #: A5499
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This is a beautiful original .44 caliber Civil War era iron bullet mold. This is the one for the famous Colt Firearms Company revolver. It has the "COLT’S PATENT” makers mark on the top of the sprue cutter. The sprue cutter and screw are present and still fully functional. You can still see part of the "S” Stamp on the side of the mold that denotes the inspector for the Colt company. It also has the "44H" stamp that let us know it is the .44 caliber version. It still opens and closes nicely and would cast a bullet even today. The mold still retains a fine amount of the original factory bluing. It makes one round ball and one conical bullet, both in .44 caliber. This is an original Colt Firearms Company bullet mold that is definitely better than most of the ones that you encounter.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
$350.00 USD

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