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Authentic Newspapers Printed During the Civil War Era
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"Pursuit of Forrest Abandoned" August 26th 1864 Hartford Newspaper
Item #: A5658
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Here is a very nice original Civil War newspaper. This is an original issue of the Hartford, Connecticut newspaper entitled the "Hartford Evening Press" from August 29th 1864. This is a nice large paper that measures approximately 18 1/2 inches wide and is 23 inches tall. The newspaper is composed of 2 sheets and they are both complete. This paper has tons of advertisements for everything under the sun. It has advertisements for everything from boots to coffins. It has several articles concerning the military movements of the time. On the front page, it has 2 large advertisements. The 1st is for the recruitment of soldiers to serve in the 14th US Infantry and the 2nd is offering you substitute soldiers. These substitute soldiers could be hired to serve in the place of people that had been drafted, but didn't want to serve themselves. There are several articles about leaders and battles taking place across the country. One is about the how Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest had been pursued by the 7th Illinois Cavalry but the search was abandoned after Forrest crossed the Coldwater River 23 miles from Memphis. The headline reads "Pursuit of Forrest Abandoned." This is a nice looking original Civil War newspaper from Hartford, Connecticut.

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