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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Under $750
Edged Weapons
Civil War Foot Officer's Sword & Scabbard of the French Model 1821
Item #: A5843
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This is a very attractive Civil War era officer sword. This is the pattern that is officially known as the model of 1821. This design which was started in France is designed for the lower level officers. This pattern of sword is described and illustrated on pages 414 through 419 of the United States Army swords book by John Tillmann. He shows several different maker variations of this pattern. This one has the full-length blade that measures 29 3/4 inches in overall size. This sword was made without any etching on the sides of the blade. The blade is constructed without a maker's Mark are retailer's Mark so that it could be sold by anyone without advertising for the actual maker. The handguard and pommel cap are each made of brass and they have a beautiful untouched color. The handguard has the main body and the small single branch. The original handle of the sword is intact. The sword has the wooden core with the leather grip over the top. You can tell that this one was used but never abused and it still retains approximately 90% of the original leather. The double twist wire wrapping is entirely intact on the handle of the sword. The scabbard is accompanied by the original high quality scabbard that is constructed of leather and brass. It has the top brass mount with the ring but the drag is missing in action. This is a great looking original Civil War foot officer's pattern sword that doesn't cost a fortune.

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
$495.00 USD

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