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Single Shot Percussion Pistols Priced Over $700
Wonderful Wurfflein Conversion Model 1816 Military Pistol by Simeon North
Item #: A5999
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This is cool looking old military pistol with a wonderful conversion. This is the U.S. model 1816 flintlock pistol. It was originally made by the firm of Simeon, North of Middletown, Connecticut. The barrel is .54 in caliber size and is full-length at 9 inches. You can still clearly see the inspector initials on the breech of the barrel. According to Flayderman's guide they only made these for three years from 1817 until 1820 and they only made 19,374 of them. This one has a beautiful untouched tone all over. What makes this one special is the way that the gun was converted from the original flintlock condition to percussion. It is very interesting how this process has been done. They added very distinctive well made musket style bolster for the nipple. On the side of the bolster it has the "A.W." marking of the firm that converted the gun. This is the marking of Andrew Wurfflein. He arrived in New York from Germany in 1832 and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By 1840, he was granted U.S. citizenship. In 1844, his brother John, also a gunsmith by trade, immigrated. They did many different conversion of military guns from flintlock to percussion including Austrian rifles. This would explain why the hammer on this gun looks like an Austrian hammer. One thing that is VERY COOL about this gun is that when they did the conversion, they used a lockplate from an 1817 "Common" rifle. You can see the maker's markings of that gun, the Nathan Starr Company as well as the 1841 production date of the lockplate. You can see that they had amazing skill and made a very functional weapon. The action of the pistol catches well on both of the positions. The stock has an ancient dark color all over. On the flat of the stock opposite of the lockplate you can see very faint remnants of the inspector cartouche. This is where the gun was originally approved for military service. It has an old style wooden ramrod in the channel underneath the barrel. This is a nice original model 1816 United States Military flintlock pistol by Simeon North with a great looking Wurfflein conversion to percussion.

Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
$1,250.00 USD

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